Following a successful pilot project, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum Mentoring Service is now open to all members. The mentoring service is a partnership project between GWSF and EVH, which also administers the project. The mentoring service is free and is delivered by Forum members for Forum members.

A bit more about mentoring:

  • Mentoring is a way of working with people to support and encourage their learning to maximise performance.
  • The mentoring service is both voluntary and confidential.
  • All mentors receive a briefing about mentoring, including confirmation of what mentoring will involve with the person being mentored.
  • Mentoring sessions will be arranged by mentors/mentees to suit what works best for both individuals.
  • A mentor is an experienced individual who uses their knowledge and skills to support the development of the mentee.
  • A mentee is a self-motivated individual who is committed to both personal and professional development and growth.
  • Mentors and mentees are matched by the information provided on application forms, the experience of mentees/mentors, and areas of interest.
  • If interested, applicants can apply to be both a mentor and a mentee.

The service is open to both committee and staff members. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, and your association is a GWSF member, please complete an application form and return it to EVH. Mentee and mentor pairs are also encouraged to draw up a mentoring agreement to help clarify their respective roles and expectations. The agreement, which is not binding but sets the framework of the relationship, should be forwarded to EVH.

Both GWSF and EVH can provide support and guidance on the mentoring programme. We have also partnered with Scottish Mentoring Network (SMN), which delivers accredited mentoring training courses to develop and enhance mentoring knowledge and skills; and anyone who participates in our service might be interested in subsequently pursuing these. More course information is available on the SMN website.