David Bookbinder, Director of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations, said:

“The Forum warmly welcomes the new website, which we see as part of the growing profile of the crucial importance of tackling poor privately owned tenements. Tenement blocks across Scotland are in deteriorating condition and need a joint approach between owners, factoring bodies and local authorities. Good long term factoring arrangements are an essential element of tenemental improvement work.

“On top of the website’s value for people who don’t have a factor or have a very poor factor, it will also benefit housing associations which are experienced factors. It’s in the interests of associations that owners understand not only the factor’s responsibilities but also their own rights and responsibilities. There will be situations where Under One Roof can help owners enforce their rights, and other situations where the website will clarify to owners that what the factor is doing or asking for is entirely normal and reasonable.”