We are aware that our members are at the sharp end of dealing with the impacts of Coronavirus on both their tenants and staff, and that clear advice and information are more important than ever just now. GWSF’s Information Exchange outlines CCHAs’ approaches to dealing with Coronavirus. See:

Update 1: Updates from members – 16/3/2020
Update 2: Emergency repairs, governance and regulation, general updates – 17/3/2020
Update 3: Emergency repairs, preparing for school closures, managing the shift towards home working, housing homeless households, example of HA business continuity plan, risks of service disruption – 18/3/2020
Update 4: Office closures, staff salaries, food deliveries, evictions – 23/3/2020
Update 5: Rent shortfalls, office closures, issues around designation of key workers, gas checks, April rent increase, construction sites, food deliveries, letter to Cabinet Secretary – 25/3/2020
Update 6: Maintenance contracts, gas safety, right to repair, utility companies, evictions, more feedback, new build sites – 26/3/2020
Update 7: Maintenance contracts, close cleaning, allocations, installation of smoke/heat/CO detectors, evictions, governance issues – 31/3/2020
Update 8: Maintenance contracts, close cleaning, allocations, furloughing staff, office closures, governance issues – 2/4/2020
Update 9: Maintenance contracts (HAs contracting with Mears), allocations, additional support for tenants – 6/4/2020
Update 10: Furloughing, managing arrears, maintenance contracts – 14/4/2020
Update 11: Submission of annual accounts, cyber attacks, furlough scheme, SHR monthly return, maintenance contracts, close cleaning, gas safety, fire safety, evictions, Universal Credit, lending issues – 22/4/2020