Our staff

L-R - Admin Officer - Eleanor McCormack, Director -David Bookbinder, and Membership & Policy Officer - Colleen Rowan

L-R – Admin Officer – Eleanor McCormack, Director -David Bookbinder, and Membership & Policy Officer – Colleen Rowan

GWSF has three permanent staff members: Director – David Bookbinder, Membership & Policy Officer – Colleen Rowan, and Administrator – Eleanor McCormack.

Between them they manage and co-ordinate all GWSF’s day to day operations. They also have great support from senior staff in member organisations, and our ‘Lead Members’ who contribute their time and expertise on different policy areas and activities.

David Bookbinder
Tel: 0141 946 0645
Mob: 07936 152193
Email: david.bookbinder@gwsf.org.uk

Colleen Rowan
Membership & Policy Officer
Tel: 0141 946 0645
Mob: 07788 312644
Email: colleen.rowan@gwsf.org.uk

Eleanor McCormack
Tel: 0141 946 0645
Email: eleanor.mccormack@gwsf.org.uk

Additionally we have two temporary project-based staff. Paul Tonner is GWSF’s appointee within Glasgow City Council’s Housing Access Team, which has been set up to help improve the homelessness referral system in the City. Paul currently works for us Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:

Paul Tonner
Housing Association Liaison Manager, GCC Housing Access Team
Tel: 0141 287 9924
Email: paul.tonner@drs.glasgow.gov.uk

Liz McEntee works a day a week for GWSF co-ordinating our Scottish Government-funded Regeneration Partnership Project (see separate section on our website’s front page):

Liz McEntee
Regeneration Partnership Consultant
Tel: 0141 271 2332 or 0141 332 2444
Email: liz.mcentee@gcvs.org.uk

About our Board

There are 12 places on the GWSF Board, made up of eight housing association committee/board members and four housing association staff members. Following our AGM in August 2016, our Board is as below. Office bearers will be elected at the Board’s next meeting on 20 October 2016.

Peter Howden, Calvay HA (Chair)

Helen Moore, Reidvale HA (Vice Chair)

Bill Brown, Queens Cross HA

James Brown, Williamsburgh HA

Hugh Cameron, Bridgewater HA

Adele Fraser, Linstone HA

Susan McKeown, Parkhead HA

Graham Piggott, Atrium Homes

Linda Sichi, Milnbank HA

John Sweeney, Paisley South HA

Claire Taylor, Hillhead HA

Jim Whiston, Ayrshire Housing